Are you aware of a fraudulent investment scheme, a fraudulent sales practice, or a fraudulent investment product? Oftentimes federal and state regulators and law enforcement is overwhelmed or simply can’t follow up on your complaint. Feel free to provide FraudDog with a personal or anonymous description of the fraudulent practice and let us investigate it.

FraudDog will investigate instances of fraudulent activity concerning brokerage firms, stock brokers, insurance agents, public companies, and private investors. Common types of financial and investment fraud include: securities fraud, fraud regulated by the CFTC, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Misrepresentations and Omissions in the Sale of Securities and Commodities, Accounting Fraud, Market Manipulation and Trading Violations, Insider Trading, Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes, Crytocurrency Fraud, and Money Laundering.

FraudDog will also investigate facts relating to whistleblower claims to the SEC, IRS, DOJ, CFTC and False Claims act.

Please provide us with background information and allow us to investigate it