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FraudDog.com is here to assist you, the investor, to avoid becoming a victim of investment.
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About Us

Hey there –

I’m Walt Mathews, the founder and managing member of Fraud Dog, LLC, a company committed to the investor — to prevent, detect and analyze securities and investment fraud. Frauddog.com was inspired by Breeze, my family’s German Shorthaired Pointer. Breeze is always on the hunt, just like FraudDog.com.

Walt is also the founder and managing partner of Mathews Giberson LLP (formerly known as Walter J. Mathews, P.A.). Walt concentrates his legal practice on securities and commercial litigation.

What We Do

FraudDog.com is here to assist you, the investor, to avoid becoming a victim of investment or securities fraud. This site provides the investor with an array of resources to prevent, detect and analyze fraudulent investments and securities.

We offer links to helpful information including an investor or risk tolerance questionnaire, and information on current federal and state actions pertaining to securities fraud.

Frauddog.com also offers an Investment Account Performance Review, a second opinion to check the performance of your investments and a follow up meeting with a member of the FraudDog staff. Finally, we accept personal or anonymous tips into financial fraud.

Many investors are the victims of securities fraud. We want you to be a survivor.

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